Providing an open ecosystem for automating,
measuring and visualizing your hydro and aquaponics.

A full-stack solution covering everything from chemical water measurement and
pump automation all the way to visualizing the results. We test the technology we develop in our own greenhouses,
thereby solving real world problems. Hardware and software development from one team.

Making automation simple and data visualization look beautiful.

Leveraging modern libraries to provide real-time updates in a secure environment. Monitor your plants from your off-site office and be alerted the moment there are sudden changes. Subsquently trace the cause of the disturbance back to its origin thanks to the comprehensive data collection.

Graph multiple data series together Apply statistical analysis

Open source

Having access to your data and the platform it runs on ensures that you will always have the freedom to take your data with you, where ever your journey takes you.


Help is always available, from the planning all the way to operations. Rest assured that a guiding hand helps keep things running smoothly.

Host or be Hosted

Make use of our hosting options to simplify your operations. For power-users, clone the code and host the software on your own server, migrating your data either way.


Smart Digital Garden

The two greenhouses serve as a real-world testbed. Anchored in Brunswick, Germany, it enables citizen science with the local community.


A database by InfluxData, designed specifically for time series data. It allows you to review how your environment changed over the years. This is made possible by intelligently down-sampling old data, while keeping high precision real-time updates.


Make use of the leading data visualization tool, with templates that automatically configure themselves depending on the connected sensors.


An innovative and easy-to-use programming tool for wiring together sensors, actuators and online services. Add intelligence to your greenhouse.

Deployed and tested in our own greenhouses

Ready to test here and developed over at GitHub!